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Made by Ayoub AIT EL MOUMEN

AlterEgo understands you as you understand yourself

The thoughts that we never say belong only to us… But also to AlterEgo. This helmet, created by three engineers from MIT, has the faculty to « hear » the thoughts of a person, interpret them, transcribe them on any screen or communication device.

For humans, the speech production involves certain complex physiological system. This speech production allows indeed the neuromuscular signals

And this is thanks to these signals that AlterEgo intercepts the thoughts of the user. It is able to understand the different signals and interpret them but obviously, there is something hidden that helmet.

Clever but made

For this, it is composed of 7 electrodes localized around the mouth and the jaw. Once detected, the signals are transmitted to the main processor in order to withdraw and treat the information.
To test their device, MIT tested the object on people playing chess or solving simple math problems (multiplication and addition). For these tests, Alter Ego had only learned 20 different words. Nevertheless, the system managed to communicate with its user with an accuracy of 92%, announces the MIT.

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