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Acidification of Oceans

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A new major report from the Biological Impacts of Ocean acidification shows that all sea life will be affected by the acidification of oceans, provoked by the carbon dioxide emissions of the modern society. The report shows us that some creatures would find the acidification of their environment good for them, but food chains could break and, put in danger the growth of some species.

The research proved that acidification of oceans will be increased by climate change, pollution, coastal development, over-fishing and agricultural fertilizers. The oceans are acidifying because of the dissolution of carbon dioxide in seawater, which produces carbonic acid that lowers the pH of the oceans.

The report is showing us that since the beginning of the industrial revolution, the average pH of the ocean surface has fallen from 8.2 to 8.1. Which represent an increase in acidity of about 26%.

 This will cause to affect marine biosphere and will affect the services that the oceans can provide us.

For the Dr Carol Turley, ocean acidification expert from Plymouth Marine Labs believes that BIOACID research is very important in order to counter ocean acidification: “It’s also explored how in combination with ocean warming and other stressors it might play out at the ecosystem level and affect human society.”

Photo de Tom Fisk provenant de Pexels