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Climate change: The massive CO2 emitter you may not know about.

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    Concrete is, now, the main artificial product used in history of humanity. The other most exploited resource is water.
Concrete is made of a mix of water, cement binder, gravel, and sand. Cement is at the root of 8% of the planet’s carbon dioxide emissions. It produces 3.2% more CO2 than aviation fuel.
    Concrete is used in a lot of architectural constructions because of the resistance, sturdiness and durability of this material. It has potential because of the galloping urbanisation, with cement’s production multiplied by thirty in fifty years. China employs more concrete in two years than USA in a total century. The consumption in China seems to be stable, whereas it increases in the rest of the Asian continent and the south of Africa.
    Cement production is one of the most polluting and is permanently kept under surveillance. If the concrete industry wants to keep its place in the Paris Agreement it has to change its production mode.

 Photo de Yuanyuan Zhang provenant de Pexels