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The Effects of Climate Change

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Global climate studies the variations on a long-time scale (decade to centuries). We can see these effects on Earth through different parameters that will impact our environment and weather. For the next century, the global mean temperature will continue to rise.

We will see many impacts on Earth, like:

firstly, the melting ice causes sea levels to rise 8 feet
secondly, heat waves are everywhere more intense  
thirdly, the length of the frost-free season will affect ecosystem and agriculture

The effects of climate change have another consequence. Precipitation patterns will change.
On one hand, the rains will be rare and periods of drought will be more frequent. So, there will be more wildfire. There will be more insects at unusual places. Hurricanes will become stronger and more intense.

    On the other hand, the rains will be more important, increasing the risk of erosion and inundation. As long as humans produce greenhouse gases, the climate change will increase and our way of life will be impacted. It’s too late for today, but for the next generation, we can act.

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