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by Yoni Alaarabiou

NextMind, a promising start-up

This French start-up with an optimistic slogan, WHAT YOU THINK IS WHAT YOU DO, was created in 2017. The founder of NextMind, Sid Kouider, never ceases to impress us. Indeed, it would seem that this year will be good since its start-up has already won the Best Innovation Award at CES 2020. It has then proved the power that its device could have in the future and the important place it could. take in the life of gamers.

What does this brain-machine interface consist of?

This is a new generation of PC controllers. Standard Controllers, joysticks and others just have to behave. From now on, gamers will only have to think about it for the game to act. As its slogan indicates, the principle of this kit is simple. It is a non-invasive neural device that detects brain waves. It is made up of eight electroencephalograph type electrodes which pick up signals from the player's brain. The goal is that the player only has to think about it so that the action takes place through the video game.

Example: If the player wishes to climb on this wooden bass drum, he will just have to think very hard about it. If he wants to kill a bad guy, he'll have to think hard about it. If he wants to score a goal with an incredible Cristiano Ronaldo throwback, he just has to think hard about it too.

But in practice, it's not as efficient. This is because the system does not literally read people's minds. The method is so far different: you have to look with insistence on AT a symbol or a figure that is on the screen and known to the public. The headband on the gamer's head will then decode the image directly in his brain and transform it into a command. We therefore carry out all the commands with our mind.